Supply Chain traceability on the Blockchain

Integrating all participants into one ecosystem

ProtectorChain enables supply chain participants to share information securely in order to provide end-to-end traceability and anti-counterfeiting services along the supply chain.

A turnkey solution

ProtectorChain provides a cost effective solution and identification tools to make supply information transparent.

  • Cost effective QR code identification tools for tracking individual items.
  • App runs in the background and integrates with legacy systems & all mobile phones to identify and track items.

Main advantages

The ProtectorChain code & process is Patent pending

Cost effective The QR code identification system can be printed directly on the packages and provides an affordable way to identify everyday goods.

Seamless integration ProtectorChain app runs in the background of existing systems. There is no need for additional hardware. One scan reads 1D/2D codes and updates legacy systems as well as the blockchain.

Secure The distributed blockchain ledger records events and transactions in a secure, immutable and irrevocable way.

Key features

  • Identification tools QR code generation per item (printing or stickers production) & tracking app for supply chain participants.
  • Consumer webapp No download needed for consumers to trace a product’s origin directly on their phone. Any scanner is able to read a ProtectorChain code.
  • Tailored solution Tracking solution customized to the roles and processes of a given supply chain & apps integrated into legacy systems.

End-to-end traceability in your supply chain tomorrow ?

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